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Also available, a 30 days Trial of our Supplier Management Software Applications

It is also possible to apply for a trial of our supplier management software for a 30 day's trial without obligation.

This will allow you to access all the supplier management applications to search, identify, qualify and manage vendors and partners.

For further information on these applications please go to our software applications page description

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Future subscription fees for our supplier management applications will apply after the trial period ends. Subscription charges are available on application.


About Us

Surims Ltd is a consultancy established in 2003 supporting companies in the identification, qualification and management of quality vendors and suppliers in ingredients and formulations.

The Pharmaceutical Services Directory supports the identification and on-boarding of quality suppliers and also incorporates software features that manage relationships between suppliers and their customers. These include the building and deployment of questionnaires and assessments, electronic signatures and sign-offs and project management between vendor/partner and customer.

Access to the features and software is available on a 'pay as you go' basis, or a customised version can be licensed for your company for its own on-boarding and supplier management activities. Further information on our software services can be found at


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