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The core of Agios remains our research engine, from a robust discovery toolkit to a focus on the deep biological interrogation of prospective targets and mechanisms of action. Translational thinking is embedded across programs early in research, to ensure a rapid and successful transition to the clinic. Once in the clinic, we embrace trial designs that allow for rapid clinical proof of concept, guiding the subsequent development path. We are committed to leveraging our established and growing commercial presence to both deliver medicines to patients worldwide and maximize value for Agios and its partners. Across all functions and stages of development, Agios embraces its “Other Side of Possible” (OSOP) culture to accomplish the extraordinary while prioritizing the patients whom we seek to serve.


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  • Licensing In
  • Licensing Out
  • Research and Development

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  • Antineoplastic and Immunomodulating Agents
    • Immuno-suppressants
    • Immuno-stimulants
    • Antineoplastic and Immunomodulating Agents
  • Blood and Blood Forming Organs
    • Other Hematological Agents
    • Anti-Hemorrhagics

About Us

SURIMS is the new name for Actex Pharma Services which was a consultancy established in 2003, supporting companies in the identification, qualification and management of quality vendors and suppliers in ingredients and formulations.

The Pharmaceutical Services Directory supports the identification and on-boarding of quality suppliers and also incorporates software features that manage relationships between suppliers and their customers. These include the building and deployment of questionnaires and assessments, electronic signatures and sign-offs and project management between vendor/partner and customer.

Access to the features and software is available on a 'pay as you go' basis, or a customised version can be licensed for your company for its own supplier on-boarding and supplier management activities. Further information on our software services please contact Tel: +353 87 294 0436 or email


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