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21717 30th Drive S.E., Building 3, Bothell, WA. 98021
Proprietary Research & Manufacture
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 Targeting Cancer. Transforming Therapies. Seagen is where revolutionary science meets transformative cancer therapy. Seagen is committed to advancing late-stage clinical trials and expanding the development of its portfolio both in and outside the U.S. to better the health of people with cancer. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes through advanced antibody-drug conjugate technology designed to deliver cell-killing agents directly to tumor cells. We are focused on discovering, developing and commercializing a new generation of transformative cancer medicines and empowered antibody-based therapies that have the potential to change the foundation of treatment for people with cancer. Our industry-leading antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology combines the specificity of monoclonal antibodies, innovative linker systems, and the power of potent cell-killing agents to treat cancer. Using our proprietary technology, we are able to optimize each ADC to potentially improve outcomes for patients.

ADCs are an integral part of the evolving cancer treatment paradigm with their specificity, stability and potency. We are expanding indications for three already approved cancer medicines and a pipeline of more than five novel targeted therapies at various stages of preclinical and clinical testing designed to address significant unmet medical needs.


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  • Proprietary Research & Manufacture

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  • Biotechnology
  • BioPharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Development
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Licensing
  • Finished Dosage
  • Antibodies
  • Combination Products
  • Cytotoxic Products

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