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CRISPR genome editing uses easily designed, modular, biological tools to make DNA changes in living cells. There are two basic components of CRISPR systems: the nuclease protein(s) that cut DNA and the RNA molecule(s) that guide the nuclease to generate a site-specific, double-stranded break, leading to editing at the targeted genomic site. CRISPR systems occasionally edit unintended genomic sites, known as off-target editing, which may lead to harmful effects on cellular function.

In response to this challenge, Caribou has developed chRDNAs (pronounced “Chardonnays”), highly specific RNA-DNA hybrid guides that direct substantially more precise genome editing than all RNA guides. chRDNAs drive highly specific, multiplex genome editing including gene insertion. Caribou uses chRDNA guides in concert with CRISPR enzymes to develop complex immune cell therapies.

We are now using these chRDNAs to power the development of our CRISPR-edited therapies by guiding cellular editing with the highest level of fidelity.

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  • Research and Development
    We offer co-development opportunities.
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  • Biopharmaceuticals
    - Biopharmaceuticals-Technology

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