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In order to facilitate your access to the data available from this website it is necessary to use cookies. How we do this varies according to which part of the website you are accessing and whether you are logged in.

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When browsing the website pages without being logged in, we do not collect any infomation about you or your activities. However, when you use the search tool to search the database, we set a local session cookie to remember your search parameters -- this makes it easier for you to search the database. The local session cookies are destroyed when you close the browser window but we retain details about your search along with your IP address. We use this information for analysis purposes and for security reasons.

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As a Member of this website, you can login to a secure area to build and manage your online profile. During the login process, we set a local session cookie to keep you logged in -- this expires when you logout or within 10 hours after you close the browser. We also give you the option to set a semi-permanent cookie on your own computer to keep you logged in for longer -- this expires when you logout or within 10 days of you closing the browser. For analysis and security reasons, your activity when logged in as a Member is recorded.

In all cases, the information we collect is used for our own purposes -- to analyse site traffic and to maintain security levels -- and is never shared with 3rd party businesses or organisations unrelated to the services we provide.

If you have any questions regarding our Cookie Policy, please contact us for assistance.


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The Partnership Tree established in 2003 (initially a pharmaceutical company directory) supporting companies in the finding, qualification and management of quality vendors and technical partners in the pharmaceutical. biotech and medical devices industry.

The Partnership Tree supports the finding and egagement with technical and commercial partners. It also incorporates software applications that support successful partner engagement and management. These include the building and deployment of questionnaires and assessments for vendor qualification, document excahnge, electronic signatures and sign-offs and project management between vendor/partner and customer.

Access to the features and software is available on a 'pay as you go' basis, or a customised version can be licensed for your company for its own on-boarding and supplier management activities. Further information on our software services can be found at 


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