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This is a new service aimed at publishing blogs and articles from our platform companies giving insight into research, products and services from companies. The Blogs refect the breath of background of companies on the platform from CRO's, CMO'S, packaging and equipment. If you would like to publish a blog on behalf of your company please register at    Before a blog is published, we need to verify with your company, that your have the authority to do this on behalf of the company.

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A Right-First-Time Approach to Viral Vector Manufacturing: Designing Quality and Scalability into Transient Transfection Processes from the Outset
Gene therapies are complexmolecules and require higher volumes of drug product. To create scalable processes that can treat indications that affect large patient populations via systemic administration of high-dose formulations, it is becoming increasingly imperative to design processes right the first time.

31 October 2022

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Collaborative Innovation- Fast growing area for developing new products and processes.
Looking at the advantages and features of collaborative innovation with key suppliers and technical partners

10 August 2022
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Plasmid DNA vs enzymatic DNA
Is enzymatically produced DNA an alternative to plasmid DNA?

14 July 2022

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Ultrasensitive quantification of plasma biomarkers is shaping the future of care for Alzheimer’s disease
The transformative potential of plasma biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was on display recently at this year’s AD/PD™ 2021 conference.

07 June 2022

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A Novel stabilization platform that can enhance your formulations
Surf Bio is a preclinical biopharmaceutical company leveraging a novel biotechnology platform to develop enhanced therapeutic solutions for diabetes, oncology, infectious diseases, gene therapy, and other therapeutic areas.

06 May 2022
Surf Bio

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2021 was a tremendous period of growth for us, a pivotal year marked by significant expansion and development. As we enter into 2022, we’re excited to share with you these changes and advancements, as well as let you in on what’s to come.

19 April 2022

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The CytoReason Platform by Roye Rozov, PhD
CytoReason’s goal is to create the world’s first platform for computational disease models, and to turn it into the industry standard.

28 March 2022

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Partnership Development Management Organization(PDMO) – CDMO alternative for Gene and Cell Therapy, Virus and Biologics Mfg.
PDMO – Partnership Development Management Organization

The following is simplistic introduction to a CDMO alternative. This new PDMO concept is to enable the same capability as a CDMO with added flexibility to control manufacturing while enabling speed into the clinic. The main goal is to provide autonomy in dedicated client CMC space while leveraging interconnected manufacturing infrastructure to save money, control of schedule and new pipeline product introduction.

22 March 2022

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  • Total Results: 21
  • Total Pages: 3

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